A Brand New World

First off, welcome to my blog and thank you for giving it a chance. If you stumbled here randomly, I hope you like what you see (or at least the potential for what you will eventually see as the site builds with time). This is my first foray into the world of blogging, so I hope you will bear with me as I find my way around.  I should probably begin with who I am, although that is never very easy to do succinctly. The easiest answer is that I am a recent M.A. graduate with a degree in Buddhism and Tibetan Religions who has only just moved back home to her birthplace of New Jersey after three years of study in Florida (not as horrible of a move as one might imagine).  I’ve studied Tibetan and Sanskrit, know a little Italian and even less Japanese, and I have interests in history, languages and translation work, material artifacts and attire, and of course Central and South Asian cultural traditions. I love to write and to teach, and I have a profound affinity towards museums and libraries that I owe to my maternal grandparents, who carted me around with them throughout the east coast and abroad, reading me every museum placard, highway billboard, and informational pamphlet along the way since I was old enough to walk. It is because of these combined passions that I’ve decided to pursue this blog, which like any worthwhile endeavor has a very specific purpose (conveniently listed above but which I will repeat here nonetheless).

As you may or may not be aware, the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania area contains a plethora of amazingly diverse museums and cultural institutions, many of which feature collections related to my areas of study and interest. Despite this, I never quite seemed to be “in the know” of what was happening or found out about interesting events either too late to make arrangements to attend or only days after they had already occurred.  I knew (or at least liked to imagine) I couldn’t be alone, and I felt that I should rectify the situation for myself and anyone else that might be wondering when and where things are happening. In humblest terms, with this blog I plan to keep track of and chronicle some of it not all of the gallery exhibits, museum collections, cultural events, and academic occurrences that feature items and topics related to Tibet and Central Asia that are happening not all that far from my doorstep. More grandly, however, I hope that I can provide some documentation and insight into these events, and highlight what, at least in my amateur opinion, features as the best of what I am able to see and attend personally for those unable to see for themselves. And of course, don’t be surprised if I occasionally throw out comments on tangential events or personal activities I just find far too exciting not to share. In any case, I hope that you enjoy what I have to say and will follow me along in my adventures as I try to reveal the bits of Himalayan culture that are so close to my home.

As for that, stay tuned for my post this weekend chronicling my very recent visit to the Newark Museum to see its astounding Tibetan Collection Centennial Exhibitions.

Tashi Delek!


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